A Halloween wooden sign is definately a fun DIY project. A great way to expand those Halloween decoration items you have stored for each year to display. As a Halloween wreath, you can easily do it yourself.

What do you need for a Halloween wooden sign

  • wooden circle
  • a stencil (the one I used is only for personal use).
  • acrylic paint
  • pencil


For this project I also painted the wooden circle white. Yep, I have a thing for black and white. This wooden sign was not treated before, so that’s why I choose for acrylic paint. Somethimes you can find wooden signs that already treated, so be careful with that.

After painting it white, I’ve sanded it up a bit for my next paint color, which is also black. In previous DIY wooden objects I’ve choosen for a Mylar stencil I’ve bought on Etsy. I wasn’t really a fan of it, so for this piece, I’ve working with my Cricut machine and some vinyl. It wasn’t a reusable vinyl, so it’s good to use it once and since the stencil is also for personal use, I don’t see myself to use it once more.

The svg-file, I found on this site. I’m a witch lover, saw plenty of family movies like The Craft, The witches and series like Sabrina, the teenage witch, The witches of East end. So for this DIY project, I was definately looking to stay in that kind of theme. (Fun fact: More DIY Halloween stencils, check my shop.)

The difference between the vinyl stencil and the Mylar sheet, is that the vinyl has a white background that you can remove and stick to your surface. You can’t really just remove the background like that. It’s not that easy at all and you can’t redo it neither.

So in order to get this right, you will also need a transfer paper. This is transparant foil also has a background, that you place first on top of your vinyl paper. You will most definately see some bubbles and you can clear those out with using a scraper or a lineal.

After that part, you can remove the background of the vinyl and stick it to your surface. Again clear out the bubbles with a scraper and remove the transparant foil of your vinyl.

The only thing left is painting the letters in the chosen color: black acrylic paint. For this project I’ve painted 2 layers; And of course after each layer I gave it some drying time.

As soon as the wooden sign is ready, you can add some more decoration to it. I still got plenty of glitter spiders in my decoration storage. So for this Halloween wooden sign, I add a small glitter spider at the left side.


I’m happy with it. I can’t wait until it’s Halloween time. This new Halloween wooden sign will totally be up for this year and probably many years to come.

Note: the svg-file I’ve used is only for personal use. I didn’t design this one, so I can’t use it for commercial use, nor sell it to anyone. I’m not liable if you don’t use this design properly.

Curious if I already made my own designs? Check out my Shop.

Have fun and be creative!


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