Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

.SVG files or .svg stencils

What are .svg-files?

SVG means “scalable vector graphic”. Sounds Chinese? Maybe you know it under a different name: a cutting file. A .svg file kan be used with cutting machines like Cricut, Silhouette or Brother Scan N’ Cut. All great cutting machines or plotters you can use.

What can you do with .svg files?

Stencils or transfers can be used to make your own DIY projects: wooden signs, shopper bags, decorating glasses, etc. Mostly everything you dislike in your home. With the right products you can make your dreams come true. The vinyls we use are only for wooden signs. We don’t have the ones for textile.

Collecting svg files?

After payment the svg files are easily downloaded. If the download doesn’t start, use my contact info at my page Contact. I will send you the download myself.

The cutting files are for now only available digitally. I’m working on new designs and also to print them on Mylar stencil sheets first and vinyls afterwards. Be patient with me.

What .svg files can you find on this website?

I make my own .svg files. Mostly interior related, cancer theme of course (I’m a cancer registrar), animal love. Actually everything with a little sarcasm to it.

How to use these .svg files?

My SVG files are only for personal use, not for commercial use. I work hard for my designs and I would like to keep the credit to my own. If you like one of my designs, I would appreciate you sharing them with Pinterest or Instagram or FB or whatever.

Are the other designs on the way?

Yes. Be patient with me. I’m still working 3/4th, have a household, 2 dogs and a husband to entertain. Now that corona is also in everyone’s life, we need to be diverse in thinking and organising. In January 2021 I’ll have more time to design and start selling.

Can I request a personal design?

No, not yet. I’m focusing first on my own designs.

Can I request a wooden sign?

Yes. We do have wooden circles of 30 cm diameter in stock. We have acrylic paint too. We can make a design on a wooden sign. Contact us for more information.

Can I request a wooden house?

Only 3 wooden houses available. After that, I can’t deliver them anymore.

Do you organise a workshop?

No, not yet.

Do you sell DIY-kits?

Not yet. But thinking about it.

Other questions besides the ones in my FAQ? Any request? Any remarks?

Mail me.